Ronica Furniture is an outdoor furniture manufacturer in Cirebon, Indonesia. It's continuing to grow with more than 40 years of experience in the furniture industry. Ronica, offers stylish, comfortable and high quality outdoor furniture collection that reflects global trends with its reliable service in before and after sales. Ronica outdoor furniture sells classical and modern outdoor furniture in ethnic lines both in wholesale and retail. With its teak, aluminum, synthetic rattan and natural rattan materials, Ronica Collection appeals to different budgets and tastes with its variety of options. Applications includes different dimensions from the smallest square meters to the largest outdoor living spaces, from balconies and terraces, outdoor seating, patio lounger, garden/pool setting,  coffee shops,  hotels,  restaurants and many more. As a project solution partner for brands, Ronica provides furniture goods for private companies, hotels and all touristic facilities. 


Ronica Outdoor Furniture is inspired from the energy of the sun, the colors of nature and its naturalist life, to help you endulge in your dream of nature-oriented life by producing very functional, comfortable and lightweight designs that evoke the feeling of cosiness.

All product groups in the Ronica collection production is made with qualified materials .All pieces are handmade by local master weavers and subjected to quality control tests by quality control department. Furniture that are manufactured of synthetic rattan, natural teak wood,  and aluminum,outdoor rope and  A + quality raw materials can perfectly adapt to any enviroment conditions and used for many years. Our sythetic Rattan and Cushions resists allenviroment conditions .

All Ronica Outdoor Furnitures are manufactured from raw materials that are licensed, certified and carefulyl selected by wellknown suppliers. Ronica  combines nature with contemporary life with a mission to respect the environment.

RONICA , offers comfort and ergonomics along with aesthetics in it's collection, while expanding the usage areas of product groups with material options, appealing to different tastes with it's many different models and increases your outdoor pleasure.